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Drei Kronen Brewery Memmelsdorf
Hand-brewed Beer from Upper Franconia

Drei Kronen brewery: handcrafted in Franconia

Craft-brewed Beer and Guided Brewery Tours

Dear Beer lover,

after a few years of travel we finally came back in our Family Brewery. Since march 2016 we are the official ruling couple of the brew kettles in the Drei Kronen Brewery. With a lot of respect we lead and develop one of the oldest Brew traditions. We both met 2007 in Munich in the school for master brewers and since then we both are conspired the beer. We are Isabella Mereien, born Straub, and Markus Mereien.

What we do

Well, what do you do in a brewery? - Brew beer - a good one! Just as it was first made in Drei Kronen Brewery in the year of 1457. Traditional and naturally brewed according to the Bavarian purity law. Where else it is possible to create such a variety of different, excellent final products only with four ingredients.

Besides brewing beer we also have enough time to give beer enthusiasts an understanding of our art of brewing. In our guided brewery tour you will hear  the exciting historical incidents as well as actual trends like "Craft beer" in Franconia and the best myths round about beer. Just visit us - It's worth it!


Isabella Mereien und Markus Mereien aus der Brauerei Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf | © Brauerei Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Plakat mit allen Biersorten der Brauerei Drei Kronen Memmeldorf | © Brauerei Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Beer Specialties

Discover our beer specialties

Der Braumeister Hans-Ludwig Straub erklärt bei einer Führung durch die Brauerei Drei Kronen das Sudhaus | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Brewery Tours

Let yourself be intitiated into the secret of brewing beer and go through our craft Brewery "live".

Banner Onlineshop Brauerei Drei Kronen Kronen | © Brauerei Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH

Besucht unseren Onlineshop. Handwerklich gebrautes Bier aus dem Bierland Oberfranken direkt zu dir nach Hause.

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Sudpfannenbett vom Schreiner im Hotelzimmer der Kategorie Kupferkrone im Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf
Hotel rooms

Our 70 Beds, spreaded to 36 Hotel rooms are divided in 6 different categories. Each particular category has its own size and features.

Detailansicht auf einen für Tagungen eingedeckten Tisch mit Block, Stift und Mineralwasser | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Meetings & Conferences

Are you also tired of anonymous conference hotels, where you are only one among many? Hold a meeting in our individual Brewery Inn Drei Kronen near Bamberg and enjoy the familiar atmosphere.

Eine Familie prostet sich im Kachelofenzimmer des Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen zu
Brewery Inn

Discover our Franconian Brewery Inn. At our house you can take a break from your daily life with a beer from our own brewery and a meal from or modern Franconian-style cuisine