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Hotel & Brewery Inn Drei Kronen
Franconian treat meets modern tradition

Grüß Gott in Memmelsdorf near Bamberg

Das Haus des Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen von vorne | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Die Betreiberfamilien Hollmann, Straub & Mereien des Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH

In Franconia the best Inn always is vis-à-vis to the church. So does our Brewhouse. The "Drei Kronen" are next to the Memmelsdorf church for more than 563 years. The Franconians always knew that body and soul belongs together and both will be taken care of.

So we are a typical Franconian Brewery Inn. A historical property with tradition but also with modern comfort, always familiar and cosy - just as Memmelsdorf itself. Because we are Memmelsdorfs!

The Inn were already run from our great-grandparents. With a great abandonment our forefathers modernised it and refined the property from an simple tavern to a hotel & Brewery Inn. 2016 the kids Isabella and Lisanna and their husbands took over the company and continue the tradition with a lot of enthusiasm!

Give us a visit sometimes - we are looking forward to seeing you!

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experience Upper Franconia

Das Zimmer Nr. 12 der Kategorie Flair Plus+ im Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Hotel Rooms

Our 70 Beds, spreaded to 36 Hotel rooms are divided in 6 different categories. Each particular category has its own size and features.

Ein Referent hält einen Vortrag im Tagungsraum Spiegelsaal im Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen. | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Meeting & Conferences

Are you also tired of anonymous conference hotels, where you are only one among many? Hold a meeting in our individual Brewery Inn Drei Kronen near Bamberg and enjoy the familiar atmosphere.

Eine Gruppe Mountainbiker die von einem Aussichtspunkt in die Fränkische Schweiz schauen | © Tourismuszentrale Fränkische Schweiz

Just enjoy beautiful days in Memmelsdorf near Bamberg and experience in the meantime our Bierkulinarium or an interesting city tour in the city of Bamberg or the beautiful Landscape of Franconian Switzerland. Taste our Franconian Cuisine in our restaurant and get to know the Franconian hospitality.

Braumeisterschnitzel mit Lagerbiersoße aus dem Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH

Enjoy traditional Franconian cuisine, specialties of our beery dishes, or modern interpreted Classics, as well as vegetarian and vegan meals.

Green Option

From now we offer our guests the opportunity to do something for the forest in Germany without much effort. By giving up the daily room cleaning we donate 2.00 € every day and guest to the Foundation "Wir helfen dem Wald"

Unser Seniorchef HaLu Straub bei einer Brauereiführung mit Gästen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
Brewery Tour

Let us introduce you with funny and exciting anecdotes to the world of beer. Our brewmasters will guide you through our traditional brewery and show you how to outcome our beer. During a small beer tasting in our beer cellar you have enough time asking all of your questions round about beer.

Besteck als Geschenk verpackt vor einem Holzhintergrund | © Bruno/Germany über Pixabay
Buy Gift Cards

What should you give someone who already has everything?!?

Whether vouchers for overnight stays, a visit to our restaurant or vouchers in kind, e.g. for our Bierkulinarium or one of our packages. Make your loved ones happy and give them time with us.

Ein Wegweiser mit verschiedenen Schildern auf denen steht Was?, Wann?, Wo? Wie?
Frequently asked questions

Do you have a bike rental? At which time is breakfast? Where is your hotel located?

We have collected all of the questions we get to asked frequently and provide the answers here for everyone.

Die Theke mit der Kupferzapfanlage im Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH

Our Restaurant premises have many facets and could tell a lot about past days. They offer the suitable ambience for your family parties or for your next trip to Upper Franconia!

ICE steht im Bahnhof bereit zur Abfahrt | © S. Hermann & F. Richter auf Pixabay
How to reach us

We will show you how to get to our Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen - whether by car, with train or by coach.

Ein Busstop-Zeichen auf der Straße | © Wolfgang Sojer auf Pixabay
Timetable Public Transport

Der interkative Fahrplan Stadtbus zeigt immer die aktuellen Abfahrten von den zwei wichtigsten Haltestellen für Bamberg Besucher.

Die E-Bike Ladesäule im Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen | © Frankenhotel Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf GmbH
E-Bike Charging Station

For all of our E-Bike and Pedelec drivers we have our charging Station in a special Look. Here you will get free electricity.


Since the handover to the next generation we started to publish our own newspaper regularly and to produce some videos.

Take a look in our media-archive