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Hotel & Brewery Inn Drei Kronen
All answers from A to Z

Hotel A-Z: Information from A for arrival to Z

Dear Guests!

Be welcome in Memmelsdorf!

We are pleased that you are with us. The following pages should help you to find out about our hotel and the town of Memmelsdorf and to arrange you a pleasant stay.

We wish you a nice stay with us and if you have any further questions or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us!




If you need a socket adapter, please ask our staff. We have several you could borrow.


The nearest Airport is the Albrecht-Dürer-Airport in Nuremberg. 

It’s a 45 min. drive (approx. 61 km). 

In Bamberg there is a small airfield (Breitenau) for private airplanes. 


Bedding for allergy sufferer

Please let us know if you need hypo-allergenic bedding.

Baby equipment

We provide baby equipments free of charge. Please ask our staff members if you need a cot, food warmer, changing mats or a baby monitor. We charge a deposit of 100.- € for the electronic devices.


Sparkasse Bamberg, Hauptstraße 7, Memmelsdorf - Google Maps

VR Bank Bamberg, Bahnhofstraße 21, Memmelsdorf - Google Maps

Both of them have cash points.


We are pleased to order bicycles or e-bikes for you (with costs).

Bicycle barn

We keep your bicycles and e-bikes dry. 

There we also provide plug sockets for charging your e-bike as well as we offer our charging station in the inner courtyard.

Bicycle routes

In the “Franconian Tuscany” around Memmelsdorf there are beautiful developed bicycle routes. Please ask us for more information.


Please tell reception desk if you would like to have another blanket or pillow.


Our breakfast buffet with regional and homemade specialties:

Monday – Friday: 06.30 am – 10.00 am

On weekends and public holidays: 08.00 am – 10.00 am


In our lot we have our own brewery in which we produce the tasty beer from our restaurant. 

We are looking forward to your visit in our brewery (reservation is necessary). Please ask our staff for further information.

Bus route / Public transport

The bus stop “Memmelsdorf Rathaus” is located 300 m from our hotel. 

The bus line 907 takes you to Bamberg. 

Please ask at reception desk for the current schedule.


There are two barbers in Memmelsdorf. 

We are pleased to ask for an appointment for you.

Barber Leicht, Hauptstraße 3 – +49-951-44233 - Google Maps

Barber Arnold, Hauptstraße 39 – +49-951-44074 - Google Maps


We provide all sorts of chargers at our reception desk.

In case you have forgotten your mobile phone charger, we will gladly lend you one of them. 

Charging station

We proudly provide charging stations for your cars or your e-bikes.

In the inner courtyard you will find our e-bike charger as well as you find on the grand parking lot the charging station for e-cars.


On arrival day your room is available from 2.00 pm.

Please leave your room until 11.00 am on departure day. If you would like to store your luggage or a late check-out, please inform reception desk.

Children’s playground

In Memmelsdorf is a big sports ground with a beautiful children’s playground. Please ask our staff the way. Google Maps

Church service

Across the street there is the Catholic Church Mariä Himmelfahrt. 

In the town of Lichteneiche there is a protestant church. 

Please ask our staff for the service schedules.


Please give us your laundry until 09.00 am and we will return it until 06.00 pm. Please use the laundry bag in your room.

Dry cleaning is possible to prior consultation. If you give us the laundry until 09.00 am it will be returned within 24 hours from the laundry service.

Conference / Meetings

Gladly we bring your conference into line. In different meeting rooms we have capacity up to 40 participants. Please ask our staff for further information.

Copy / Scan

If you have any documents that you would like to have copied or scanned, please ask reception desk for further information

One page (black - white photocopy) is charged with 0,20 €

Credit Cards

You could pay your hotel or restaurant bill with your credit card. 

We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard as well as cash cards and PayPal.


“Gesundhausärzte“ – Bahnhofstraße 21

Benjamin Armann | Dr. med. Thomas Fugmann | Dr. med. Martin Jakubaß

General practitioner - Telephone: +49 (0)951-44024

Otherwise there is the number of the medical on-call service (0-116117)

In case of emergency please call the emergency number 0-112 and inform us!


Our restaurant serves dinner Monday till Sunday from 05.30 pm until 09.00 pm.

“Do not disturb“

If you don’t want to get disturbed, please hang out the red “do not disturb“-sign. 

If you do not like to get calls either, please tell reception desk. 

Please note that we won’t clean your room if you have the red sign on the door.


We are pleased to welcome your four-legged friend at the hotel and the restaurant, but please do not put him on chairs and tables. 

In our hotel rooms we charge a cleaning fee of EUR 8.50 each night for a dog.

Please note: We love dogs, but due to bad experiences in the past we have to tell you the following:

dogs are only allowed in accordance to prior notice in the room categories Brauhaus - Flair (not in all rooms allowed) - Brauhaus Plus - Kupferkrone (not in all rooms allowed).

Non-registered dogs may not be accommodate or we have to charge an additional cleaning fee up to 50.- €.


Our e-mail address: info@drei-kronen.de

We are pleased to receive or send your e-mails.

Emergency exit

In your room you will find an escape plan. Please take a good look at it.

In case of emergency escape route lights will show you the way. Our meeting point is located on the other side of the hotel on the church forecourt.


Please contact our staff directly in case of an emergency! 

The number from your room telephone is 91

Or call emergency: 

-Police 0-110

-fire fighters and emergency doctors: 0-112

All of our emergency exits are labelled and fire-extinguisher you will find on every floor!

Please listen to the electric loudspeaker announcement and follow the instructions. It’s about YOUR safety!

Evaluation sheet

Your opinion is important for us. Please take the time to fill in this evaluation sheet and hand it in to our reception staff. Thank you very much for your help!

Express check-out

You are able to pay your invoices on the day of arrival or on the evening before departure to guarantee a fast and uncomplicated check-out. 

We accept cash, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal as well as cash cards.


At reception desk you could receive and send facsimiles. Our fax number is: +49-951-9443366

We charge EUR 0,30 each page.


We have two florists in Memmelsdorf. 

Please give us your order or do it on your own.

Florist Schwengler, Pödeldorfer Straße 35: +49-951-44192 - Google Maps

Röschen Flowers & more, Filzgasse 4: +49-951-44158 - Google Maps

Gas station

Ca. 300 m away from our hotel in the direction to Bamberg there is the gas station TOTAL Tankstelle Stirnweis. Google Maps

Ca. 1 km in direction to Scheßlitz there is another gas station JET. - Google Maps

Gift certificates

You can buy gift certificates with a value in our restaurant at our reception.

Guided tours through Bamberg

In Bamberg there is a daily guided tour at 10.30 am and 02.00 pm (except in January, February, March). 

We are also pleased to organise a private guided tour for you.

Guest questionnaires

Your opinion is important to us. 

We would be pleased if you would take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire in your room and hand it back to the reception.

Thank you very much!

Hypo allergic sheets

Please inform our reception staff if you need hypo allergic sheets in your room.

Hotel entrance

Please take your keycard with you if you are returning home later than 09.00 pm.


We provide a free Wi-Fi-connection in the entire hotel area.

Please choose the network “Drei Kronen free WiFi”. 

The password is written on your keycard etui or you will receive it at the reception.

Internet support

If there are any problems with your internet access, our internet support is on your disposal. Please ask at reception.


You could pay the room bill the evening before at the reception.

We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard as well as cash cards and PayPal.

Iron / Ironing board

We provide an iron and an ironing board. 

Please ask at reception desk, so we could bring it up to your room.

Ironing service

You could hand us your ironing, so we could do it for you. 

You will get back your ironing within an hour. Please call the reception desk.


We have several jogging-trails in immediate vicinity. 

Please ask our staff for further information.

Laundry replacement

On request we are changing your bed linen every day. Please tell our staff.

Laundry service

If you deliver your laundry prior to 9:00 am, you will get it back until 6:00 pm on the same day. Therefore, please use the laundry bag in your room and fill in the laundry form.

Letter paper/envelopes

If you need letter paper and envelopes on your room please ask our staff.

Lost and Found

Please hand found properties to our staff.

Luggage service

We are pleased to help you with your luggage. Please ask at reception desk.

Luggage storage

You could leave your luggage at reception for a safe storage.


Daily from 11.30 am until 02.00 pm.

 “Snail mail“

Please give us your “snail mail“ to send it for you. 

Otherwise there is the post office 70 m away from our hotel. 

If you are receiving any mail, we will forward it to you as soon as possible.


In Bamberg there are several museums – please ask our staff for further information.


The regional newspaper is available at breakfast.

Opening hours of our restaurant

Warm dishes:

Monday – Sunday: 11.30 am – 02.00 pm

Plus: 05.30 pm – 09.30 pm

Outside the business hours we serve small cold dishes – please ask for it. 


Across the street of our hotel there is the Seehof Pharmacy. It is opened from Monday till Friday: 08.00 am – 6.00 pm, Saturdays: 08.00 am – 12.30 pm - Google Maps

There is also the Wallenstein Pharmacy (Bahnhofstraße 21): Monday-Friday: 08.30 am – 12.30 pm and 02.30 pm – 06.00 pm, Saturdays: 08.00 am – 12.30 pm - Google Maps


Please use our on-site Car park directly after our house. 

The transit is on the left-hand side of our main building. 

Please note that the maximum height is 2.45 m! 

If your car is bigger, please ask at reception for other parking spots.


Please let us make your black/white photocopies for EUR 0.,20 for one page.


At reception desk we are supplying you with one-way razors for free.

Reception Desk

Our Reception Desk is opened:

Mondays until Fridays from 06:00 am until 09.00 pm.

On weekends from 07.00 am until 09.00 pm. 

During this time we are very pleased to help you.

Rental Car

In Bamberg we have several Rental Car stations. 

Our staff will help you to find the right one.


We are pleased to receive your reservation at our reception desk. 

We guarantee the lowest room rate directly in our house!


Each of our hotel rooms disposes about a room safe. Otherwise you could hand your valuables to our staff, so we could store it in our central safe at reception.

Sewing kit

Please ask at reception desk for a sewing kit.

Sewing service

Please ask reception for a sewing service. We are pleased to do small repairs.

Drei Kronen Shop

In our small souvenir-shop in the restaurant we sell souvenirs as well as homemade specialties.

Shoe polisher

In every floor we have a shoe polisher for cleaning your shoes.


In Memmelsdorf we have a butcher shop, bakeries, a gas station, supermarkets and right next to our hotel we have a boutique “Ingrid Moden” where you can buy clothes as well as stationery. 

We also have a post office with a small shoe store.

To do some bigger shopping we recommend the cities of Bamberg, Erlangen or Nuremberg.

Sight-seeing/ Points of Interest

In Memmelsdorf you will find Schloss Seehof, a former prince-bishop’s summer residence which you can reach within walking distance. 

At reception desk we will give you further sight-seeing tips.


We only have non-smoking rooms and due to a Bavarian law it is prohibited to smoke in the restaurant! 

Please use the outside smoking area where you could find ash trays. 

In case of disregarding the non-smoking-rule we will charge you EUR 80 extra cleaning-fee!


In our guest rooms you will find an information tablet on which you can find everything worth knowing about the “Drei Kronen” and the surrounding area and with which you can surf the Internet free of charge.


We are working together with Taxiruf Bamberg. 

Please dial +49-951-15015 or ask our staff for calling a cab.

Telefax message

You can receive and send faxes via the reception desk.

Our fax number is: +49 – (0)951-94433-66

We charge 0,30 EUR per page.


Your room is equipped with a direct dial telephone. Please dial “0” to get an exchange line. Calling a landline number in Germany is for free. 

To call another room please dial only the room number. 

If you want to receive a call, the number is +49-(0) 951-94433-your room number.

Telephone numbers

Reception: 91

Owner Swen-Christian Hollmann in case of emergency: +49(0) 172 4382233


Please ask our reception staff for further towels.


At reception desk we are supplying you with one-way tooth-brushes for free.

Trips and Tours

Our friendly staff is at your disposal if you would like to know any tour tips around the Fränkische Schweiz or Bamberg. 

We also have information brochures about events and sports activities.

Train station

The next train station is in Bamberg, approx. 6 km away. You can reach it by bus (no. 907) from the bus stop “Memmelsdorf Rathaus”. Show train station on Google Maps


You can borrow an umbrella in our hotel. Please ask our staff. 

Wake-up call

We would be pleased to provide this service for you. Please call reception desk.