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Busconnections and Taxi

From Memmelsdorf to Bamberg

From Memmelsdorf to Bamberg you are best to take the urban bus. The bus stop is only 2 minutes walking distance away from our hotel. The final bus stop is called ZOB. This stop is located in the inner city of Bamberg. Thence you are catching everything worth seeing comfortable by foot.

Here you can find the actual bus schedule of rout 907 from Memmelsdorf to Bamberg.

Prices for the public bus

For the bus transport from Memmelsdorf to Bamberg you need a ticket "Tarifgruppe 2".

Basically there are the following types of tickets:

Single ticket:2,30 €
Day pass (for 1 person):4,60 €
Day pass (for 2 persons):7,60 €
Bamberg-Card12,- €

One more final advice: In many of our packages the bus tickets are included.

From Bamberg to Memmelsdorf

To come from Bamberg to Memmelsdorf you could take the bus rout 907. You could enter the bus at the first station ZOB or at Bamberg train station. At the bus station "Memmelsdorf Markt" please leave the bus. Diagonally opposite the station you will find our hotel. 

Here you could find the actual bus schedule of the bus route 908.

En route by taxi

From Memmelsdorf you could reach everything by taxi. We work together with the taxi company "Taxi Bamberg 15015". The telephone number is +49 (0)951-15015.

Here you could find the actual price list for taxi rides.