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The premises of our Brewery Inn

Gute Sube

In former days the "Gute Stube" was the main room in the restaurant and everyone came inside through this room. At those times our guests gave this room the name "Gute Stube" which means "good livingroom". The more than 250 years old beams in the ceiling tell us this very day from former feasts. Today in the "Gute Stube" up to 44 guests evenly distributed to 7 tables.


The Terrassenzimmer (terrace room) is the latest built part of our restaurant. As part of a huge reconstruction in the years of 2008/2009 this room was built with the present reception on this place where formerly placed our terrace (thus the name of this room). Today we serve breakfast in this room as well as lunch an dinner for up to 24 personen on 5 tables.

Bamberger Zimmer

The Bamberger Zimmer is a former bedroom and living room. In the 90s this room [Translate to Englisch:] Das Bamberger Zimmer ist ein ehemaliger Wohn- & Schlafraum. Back in the 80s the room was rebuilt to a guestroom and later then to a small conference and meeting room. The wooden beams are more then 250 years old. There is room for up to 16 persons.


The Kachelofenzimmer ("tiled stove room") is the oldest part of the restaurant and was in former days the adjoining room. Today it is, in tandem with the bar, the heart of the restaurant. Back in the 80s, Hans-Ludwig Straub let the tiled stove built in this room who warms up the whole restaurant.


In former days thhe Bräustübla ("brewpub") was the living room of our great grandparents. Today it is our adjoining room, perfectly fitting for a smaller family celebrations or meetings. Besides there is the only room with a TV in the restaurant where soccer obsessed could watch a soccer game together. Up to 18 persons have space on 3 tables.


The Spiegelsaal (which means hall of mirrors) was used as a shed and wood storage. In recent decades this room changed very much and is nowadays a meeting and eventroom with most modern technique. Here we have space for up to 70 persons.