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The Menu from Brewery Inn Drei Kronen

Escalope Brewmaster Style

An escalope from pork filled with onions and coated with beer-breadcrumbs. It is baked in the pan, served with lager beer sauce and fried potato rounds


Opening hours

Mo. - Su. 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Warm dishes

11:30 am - 14:00 pm
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

No day off!

Tel.: +49 (0)951 - 944 33 0
E-Mail: info@drei-kronen.de

Beer & Franconian style
Fresh fish
without meat (vegetarian or vegan)
Boiled beef with horseradish sauce
Boiled beef in a horseradish sauce, covered with grated horseradish, served with potato dumplings and cranberries
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) g) i) j) l)
16,58 €
Grilled pork loin on a spit with mushrooms and onions in lagerbeer sauce besides fried potato rounds
Allergene a) g) i)
16,09 €
Broth from silverside beef
with liverdumpling
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) c) i)
4,81 €
Cheese spaetzle
Homemade spaetzle stir-fried with cheese sauce, with in malt butter roasted onions and gratinated mountain cheese
Allergene a) c) g) i) j)
14,62 €
Cordon Bacon
An escalope from pork filled with cheese and bacon, served with French Fries
Zusatzstoffe 1) 3)
15,11 €
Escalope brewmaster style
An escalope from pork filled with onions and coated with beer-breadcrumbs. It is baked in the pan and served with lagerbeer sauce and fried potato rounds
Allergene a) c) i)
14,62 €
Fillet from matjes herring „housewife style“
Fillet from matjes herring with yoghurt-apple-sauce and boiled potatoes
Allergene c) d) j)
14,62 €
Fitness salad
A large seasonal salad plate with fresh seasonal salads, fresh fruits and slices of grilled chicken breast
Zusatzstoffe 2) 4)
Allergene a) i) j)
15,60 €
Franconian beef-olive
With bacon-mustard sauce, potato dumplings and homemade red cabbage
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) i) j) l)
17,07 €
Freshly baked Schäuferla
Schäuferla (shoulder of pork) with darkbeer sauce, potato dumplings and homemade sauerkraut (only on sundays)
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) i) l)
14,90 €
Grilled liver from the young cattle
with roasted onions and apple slices besides fried potato rounds and beer sauce
Allergene a) i)
14,13 €
Grilled pork loin
Medallions of pork fillet with our sensational beery-cream sauce and homemade spätzle (swinged in butter)
Allergene a) c) g) i) j)
16,09 €
Original Franconian Sauerbraten
with a dark sweet and sour sauce, potato dumplings and homemade red cabbage
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) i) l)
16,58 €
stöffla bread croutons
Allergene a) g) i)
6,77 €
Pulled Schäuferla
Pulled-Pork in the Franconian version: We simmer the Schäuferla (shoulder of pork) for a long time and pull the meat from the bone. This will be served with darkbeer sauce, cream-Sauerkraut and our original potato-dumpling-fries
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) g) i) l)
16,58 €
Roasted fillet of Zander - Miller style
with lemon butter and boiled potatoes
Allergene a) d) g)
16,58 €
Side salad
Fresh side salad with carrot salad, white cabbage salad, cucumber salad and fresh leaf salad - served with our homemade mustard dressing
Allergene g) j)
4,81 €
Vegan brewer's goulash
Brewer's goulash with bell peppers, tomatoes and vegetable proteins from sun-peas (from amidori, Bamberg), served with boiled potatoes
Zusatzstoffe 3)
Allergene a) i)
14,62 €

Liebe Gäste,

die Mehrwertsteuersenkung im Rahmen des Konjunkturpaketes der Bundesregierung geben wir im Restaurant 1:1 an Sie weiter.

Wir freuen uns Sie bald wieder bei uns zu begrüßen und verwöhnen zu dürfen!


Ihre Familien Hollmann & Straub

Mehrwertsteuersenkung im Rahmes des Konjunkturpaketes
Take Away - Food to go

All of your favorit dishes (almost all) you can collect in our Brewery Inn and enjoy it at home. 

Just click the filter "TakeAway", then the website will show you every dish "to go"

Please call approximate 30 minutes ere you want to collect your food to ensure you don't have to wait too long. On sundays we please you to order until 9 am at latest.

The process at a glance:

  • Select your dish from the category "TakeAway"
  • Call us an order under +49(0)951 - 944 33 0
  • On sunday and bank holidays preorder until 9 am
  • Fetch and enjoy
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Opening hours

Mo. - Su.. 10:00 am - 23:00 pm

Warm dishes

11:30 am - 14:00 pm
& 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

No day off!

Tel.: +49(0)951 - 944 33 0
E-Mail: info@drei-kronen.de

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Our 70 Beds, spreaded to 36 Hotel rooms are divided in 6 different categories. Each particular category has its own size and features.


Our Restaurant premises have many facets and could tell a lot about past days. They offer the suitable ambience for your family parties or for your next trip to Upper Franconia!

Eine Reisegruppe mit guter Laune auf einer Busreise

Stop for a bite to eat together wit your group (more than 20 persons) in our cosy Brewery Inn. Bus groups are very welcome. Free Bus parkings are available in walking distance.

Additives: 1) contains preservatives, 2) contains artificial coloring, 3) contains antioxidants, 4) contains sweetener saccharin, 5) contains sweetener cyclamate, 6) contains sweetener aspartam, contains source of phenylalanine, 7) contains sweetener acesulfam, 8) contains phosphate, 9) sulphurated, 10) contains chinine, 11) contains caffeine, 12) contains flavor enhaner, 13) blackened, 14) waxed, 15) genetically modified
List of allergens to declare: A) Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains) and products thereof, B) Crustaceans and products thereof, C) Eggs and products thereof, D) Fish and products thereof, E) Peanuts and products thereof, F) Soybeans and products thereof, G) Milk and products thereof (including lactose), H) Nuts and products thereof, I) Celery and products thereof, J) Mustard
 and products thereof, K) Sesame seeds and products thereof, L) Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, M) Lupin and products thereof, N) Molluscs and products thereof