Stöfflabrot (Beerbread)
Our local bakery uses our beer instead of water to make the beerbread. A real good bread with a dark crust.

Stöfflasenf (Beermustard)
East-Germany, the town namend Altenburg, has a old tradition in making mustard. The use our smoked-beer to
make our own mustard. Perfekt with bratwürste.

Zwetschgäbaamäs (Smokey ham)
A speciality from Bamberg. A smoked beef-ham.

Schäuferla (pork-shoulder)
The most well known dish from franconia. A peace of the pork shoulder, grilled crust is really crispy.
Served with "Klößen" (potatoe dumplings) and Sauerkraut (what else in germany :-)

Karpfen (carp)
A very famous fish in South-Germany. We turn the fish in whitebreadcrums and fry it until the crust
is very crispy.

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