The Orgelweisse

The Memmelsdorf parish concluded in the early ‘90s its acquisition of a new organ. All members were called upon to contribute.
The Straub family naturally didn’t want to get left behind. Thus the inspiration was born to contribute a specially brewed beer for the occasion. The passionate brew master had for a long time been interested in the professional manufacture of wheat beer. Yet Bavarian colleagues maintained that the “Franken” (Franconians) couldn’t brew this type of beer. The occasion just hadn’t arisen in the past to invest time in concocting a top quality wheat beer. So the fundraising event provided the occasion and fueled the motivation at an opportune time.

So a wheat beer was brewed, and personalized glasses were designed featuring the organ, with the label “Orgelweisse” (translated: “organ knowledge”). For each glass sold, 20 pennies were dedicated to the organ fund. The fundraising scheme was a decisive success, because in short order, enough brew was sold to round out the total contribution of the Straub family to a four-figure Deutschmark sum.

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