"Lifting Spirits” for 550 Years

Exactly five-and-a-half centuries ago, four years after the final conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Turks and 14 years after the erection of the high grave on the Michelsberg for the holy bishop Otto of Bamberg, on Three Kings Day (also known as Epiphany) in 1457, the gentleman Hanns Hilbrant purchased the Title and all rights of ownership for the Drei Kronen property from Fritzen Seuerlein.

Over the centuries, the business has been the cherished responsibility and lifetime investment of multiple generations. In purposeful entrepreneurial spirit, each generation has fulfilled the needs of their time and safeguarded the property for their descendants.

It has remained the same to this day, managed steadfastly and dependably over the generations, irrespective of regional evens or transient fashions - here beer has always been brewed and served to guests. And it is exactly this tradition that gives Drei Kronen its unique flair. Drei Kronen beer treats everyone equally, with equal hospitality, and is passionately brewed to insure everyone who partakes is convinced and converted: from traveler to guest.

Were Hanns Hilbrant with us today, he would certainly regard all the technical advancements fearfully, as the devil’s work. But were he then to visit our Drei Königs brewhouse, where he would, in contrast, experience the aromatic aroma of freshly brewed spices emanating from the lauter tun*, then his heart would be calmed and he would most certainly, with brewer pride, raise his first glass of “Stöffla” to the sky. Unfortunately this flight of fancy will never be fulfilled. Therefore we also celebrate this anniversary in honorary memory of past generations, so that we never lose connection with our roots.
We’ve gathered some anecdotes, the background of our house, and a sketch of our history since 1457 for your enjoyment, dear guests. Whenever our guests tell their memories and experiences while consuming a glass of “Stöffla” at Drei Kronen, they will share a sense of fellowship and camaraderie, influenced once again by Drei Kronen’s knack at combining beer culture with hospitality. A bit of an unrealistic “stretch”, perhaps, but we believe that here in Memmelsdorf resides the memory of thousands of poor souls needing welfare who found relaxation, comfort, and experienced “lifted spirits” in the protective arms of parish church and tavern All that for 550 years!  

All that for 550 Years!

Brewers, proprietors, cooks, hotel specialists, and gracious hosts:  the Straub family during their anniversary year, 2007, in the “Bräustübla”, Drei Kronen house

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