From Church Storeroom to Drei Kronen Comfort Hotel

Before the war, the Drei Kronen with its brewery and guesthouse was ecologically autonomous:

The agricultural product (barley) when boiled becomes beer, and the remaining solids were fed to cattle. Cattle also provided milk and other products from the churn. The chickens were fed and naturally also contributed. When cattle were slaughtered, the meat was often rolled into “Rouladen” (german style Roulade), gently roasted in pots in the brewery’s kitchen, and then served to restaurant customers. Restaurant left-overs were fed to the pigs in the stable, the meat of which was later manifested as succulent cutlets, or was salted and integrated into the tavern menu. Ecologically self-sufficient, uncomplicated, all-natural, and self-produced: idyllic.

After the war, the picture abruptly changed: the “riff-raff” were not welcome anymore: they were banished from their residence in the hotel’s small rooms, and eventually found refuge within the community. And then, around 1955, the first commercial traveler arrived at the guesthouse. He drove a VW beetle which featured a metal bottle of eau-de-Cologne on its roof. He traveled regularly back and forth from Nürnberg, and paid 3.50 DM (1.75 Euro) for his overnight stay. There was a separate shower out in the hallway. The room was equipped with a bed, chair, and an outlet as well as a sturdy closet. And, wait! A sink was also available -- a luxury at the time. Gradually, all storage rooms were converted into guestrooms. In 1969, the roof truss of the main house was renovated, and several rooms including bathrooms were constructed

In 1973, with the advent of Bamberg’s 1000 year anniversary, the city was flooded with tourists, and the Drei Kronen guesthouse also was completely filled over the weekend. To adequately meet this growing demand, we rebuilt what was earlier a floor for malt storage into seven cozy sleeping quarters.

In 1983, Hans Ludwig and Lieselotte Straub began radically changing their business: on the first floor and in the brewery the rooms were modernized with, for their time, the most contemporary design features. In addition, more significantly, they henceforth adopted the attitude that a cozy, homelike atmosphere was equally as important a feature to build into their guestrooms, making "beds away from home" more like "beds where you can feel at home." Today's proprietors are dedicated to this philosophy, making travelers feel like welcome guests.

The Straub family decided in 1987 to convert the existing “forest halls” into more guestrooms. These new rooms were unusually large for that time with just-as-large baths, dimentions which contributed to the project’s immediate, decisive success. This initiative, producing three handicapped accessible and fully equipped rooms, was completed in 1994

The guesthouse has had in the last 25 years the most significant renovations since its foundation was erected in 1748. The Drei Kronen today is available around the clock and 365 days per year, and via its online website offers monetary reservations in 12 languages with immediate confirmation. For over a decade, all guestrooms in the Drei Kronen guesthouse have been qualified three-star comfort (maximum comfort) in accordance with the German hotel room ranking scheme.

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