Following the notarized acquisition of Hanns Hilbrant, the story of the Drei Kronen property begins:

Hanns Hilbrant, the tailor, is lawful owner of Memmelsdorf house, barn, and courtyard, including as much as is available for auction and bequeathal. This regards the same state-awarded land located towards the church courtyard that was previously distributed.
Before the war, the Drei Kronen with its brewery and guesthouse was ecologically autonomous:

The agricultural product (barley) when boiled becomes beer, and the remaining solids were fed to cattle. Cattle also provided milk and other products from the churn. The chickens were fed and naturally also contributed.
Before he dies, a man should accomplish the following: construct a house, plant a tree, witness a son being born, and drive at least an eight-cylinder automobile.

Beer brewers have one more: construct a brewhouse – so the cliché goes...
Exactly five-and-a-half centuries ago, four years after the final conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Turks and 14 years after the erection of the high grave on the Michelsberg for the holy bishop Otto of Bamberg, on Three Kings Day (also known as Epiphany) in 1457, the gentleman Hanns Hilbrant purchased the Title and all rights of ownership for the Drei Kronen property from Fritzen Seuerlein.
The Memmelsdorf parish concluded in the early ‘90s its acquisition of a new organ. All members were called upon to contribute.
The Straub family naturally didn’t want to get left behind.
At the western end of the brewery rises a building built of brick with gothic features: the ice tower of the Drei Kronen.
Before the invention of the first refrigerator by the Franconian Carl von Linde, it was not possible to use a machine to produce ice (Carl von Linde erected the first cold storage facility in the world around 1880 in a brewery).
In Bayern, und auch speziell in Franken, ist schon immer das Verhältnis zwischen Pfarrer und dem Wirt ein wichtiges gewesen.

Sorgte doch der – meist strenge – Pfarrherr für das seelische Wohl, so kümmerte sich der Wirt um das Leibliche. Wie überall in Franken – so auch in Memmelsdorf – erhebt sich die Kirche, unübersehbar, im Ortszentrum.
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